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Mc Intosh Fleming lawyers care about providing top class legal services at affordable prices , so don’t be afraid to contact us-instructing us will not cost you an arm and a leg! For unlike most Burton solicitors our prices are fixed and certain , and can be found for conveyancing , probate and divorce on our website. If that isn’t enough then we will confirm them in a free written quote.

Our philosophy is that we want to be ahead of the legal curve and to reap the benefits. We understand that people want to know exactly how much they will have to pay for us providing a legal service , and they cannot understand and do not trust legal charges based just on time spent. After all if your car is repaired by a mechanic, he can tell you beforehand not only his hourly charging rate but also the total cost of the job. We do the same for our fixed fee work , so you can compare our prices with our competitors and see what a good deal you will get , should you choose to instruct us.

And unlike motor garages we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority , so we cannot get away with charging you for something we haven’t done or have done wrongly or that doesn’t need doing.

Armed with smartphones and kindles most people are  now shopping around on the internet for a good deal. If your reading this then rest assured that you have found one! Not convinced and want to waste endless hours looking at other solicitors websites? Please bookmark us, because if it is value for money you are after , you will want to come back to us.

What is the catch? There isn’t one. We undercut our competitors because we are an internet business , just like Amazon. We don’t have expensive offices and we don’t employ a cast of thousands. We do our own marketing with SEO & PPC. As a new , albeit fast growing business, we don’t have to pay vat.

We use our 25 years experience of practising law to provide high quality legal services that ordinary people can afford.

Contact us now-you will not regret it,

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